• Reopening in September 2021:

    The coolest Art School ?

    Our Art Center has gained recognition through the years for the quality and the variety of its private art classes for adults, adolescents and children.


  • Welcome to Woluwart art classes

    We do everything to make your life as an artist easier.

    Try out all sorts of techniques and do what you enjoy doing in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

    Tailored advice is provided in small groups from beginners to the more advanced.

    You can enroll at anytime of the year (September to June).


    As usual, basic materials are foreseen at the studio but it's recommended to bring your own materials if you wish to work a specific subject or technique.

    Paintings (oil et acrylics), watercolours, gouaches, color pencils, pastels dry or crayons, charcoal, brushes (round, flat and spalters 1 to 10 cm width), graphite, Indian ink, rags and various paper stocks...

  • Communicate with us

    4 enthusiastic animateurs !

    Phil is running Graphic Research and Open Creation workshops

    0486 841 854


    Johann is running the Watercolor and Observation Drawing classes

    0474 741 222


    Giach is running the Saturday/Sunday children class and Manga & Comics workshops 

    0476 920 091


    Alice is running the Wednesday afternoon Multi-Techniques children class 

    0485 459 292